6 recruitment videos for Facebook.

Brand Challenge

Facebook experienced difficulty in recruiting staff across many departments in their Dublin and London offices. 

Brand Solution

The production of a series content videos to be shown across Facebook’s recruitment platforms detailing the excitement, career opportunities, diversity, excellent work conditions and high salaries the top one percenters can enjoy at Facebook. We also showcased the locations of Dublin and London as superb cities in which to live.

Work Done

Working with the Dublin recruitment department, we shot interviews with current Facebook staff in both Dublin and London, letting their experience of working in Facebook encourage prospective employees to come and join them. The staff actually created the narrative in these videos. We wanted to showcase the amazing Facebook work place, the unique friendship possibilities and the career growth opportunities through the mouths of those already are in the know.


The videos were shot in Dublin and London and their surrounds.They were rolled out across Facebook recruitment channels and were all highly successful.





26 September, 2020

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